Three Tasty Green Smoothie Recipes

The vibrantly colored green smoothie recipes below are a great way to incorporate significant amounts of greens into your everyday diet. Believe it or not leafy green vegetables contain more beneficial nutrients than any other food group. To receive the full benefits of eating these leafy green vegetables you would need to chew your food […]

How To Make Chocolate Brownies in a Blender

If you are looking for something deliciously sweet and naughty to eat, but don’t want to be stuck in the kitchen forever creating it, just take a look at how to make chocolate brownies in a blender. These scrumptious and easy chocolate brownies can literally be knocked up in minutes! They are the best brownies […]

Dairy Free Smoothie Recipes

Whether it’s a dairy intolerance, a health choice or if you simply ran out of milk, these naturally fruity dairy free smoothies are full of goodness, and they will taste absolutely wonderful. One of the best ways to create really satisfying and dairy-free smoothie recipes is to use frozen fruits rather than ice. This will […]

How To Freeze Fruit & Vegetables

Many of our smoothies and frozen blender drinks require you to freeze fruit or vegetables, so it’s always a good idea to have plenty prepared and ready for use in the freezer. Buying fresh fruits and vegetables in bulk when they are in season to freeze can save you a great deal of money. It’s […]

Coffee Milkshake Recipes

Cold coffee flavored drinks and milkshakes have become increasingly popular over the years. With so many coffee syrups available to buy these days you can probably create almost any coffee flavoured milk or ice creams based drink you can think of. One of my favorites is the coconut mocha milkshake made with 1 teaspoon coffee, […]

Sweet Potato Soup In A Blender

Sweet potatoes are a perfect inexpensive ingredient for a filling healthy soup that’s packed full of vitamins. Just one sweet potato will give you all the vitamin A you need for your recommended daily allowance. An average sized sweet potato also contains high levels of vitamin B6 helping to keep those arteries and blood vessels […]

Blended Strawberry Jam

by Dan (Hampshire) Ingredients This no cook jam has a slightly thinner texture than the usual cooked jam and is made completely in a blender. This sweet tasting strawberry jam can be spread onto bread and toast, or spooned onto ice cream for a quick homemade sauce. I’ve even used it as a topping on […]

Mixed Fruit and Nut Smoothie

For this mixed fruit and nut smoothie I’ve used an economy bag of ready frozen mixed fruit containing apple, melon, strawberries, grapes and pineapple. You can use almost any frozen fruits in this smoothie, so take a look though the freezer and use up any bits you have hanging around. Ingredients ½ cup almond milk […]

Healthy Banana Milkshake Recipes

You can always depend on a good ripe banana to make a thick and creamy milk shake. Banana milkshake recipes are loved by both Adults and kids alike, mainly for their sweet sugary taste and their high fiber content. Another good reason for using a banana in a milk shake is that they are packed […]

Making Almond Nut Butter In A Blender

by Angela (Boston, MA) Overview & Ingredients Most people don’t realise that they can make their own delicious tasting nut butters that that are totally free from preservative in just a few minutes. These enticing creamy homemade nut butters are so much better than any you can buy in the store and you know […]

Satisfying Healthy Smoothie Recipes

There’s nothing more delicious or satisfying than mixing up healthy smoothie recipes first thing in the morning. In fact I try to make it a routine in my life to always start the day off with a tasty smoothie. Interestingly I notice that if I do skip it, I end up snacking throughout the evening! […]

Hamilton Beach Personal Blender

The Hamilton Beach personal blender is made to meet all your on-the-go blending needs. It will mix single-serve portions and you can take the blending jar, complete with its lid, right off the blender and away with you. This is perfect for quick morning coffee shakes, snacks for the kids, and something to bring along […]

The Cuisinart Stand Mixer

Cuisinart kitchen appliances are well-known for their good quality in terms of beauty, functionality and durability. There have been many hits along with some misses over the years, which are to be expected in the competitive market of kitchen appliances, but the hits outnumber the misses. We are confident that the Cuisinart stand mixer is […]

Easy Blender Milkshake Recipes

Making your own blender milkshake recipes is a great alternative to purchasing ready made shakes from the supermarket, local store or fast food joint. When you make your own milkshake you know exactly what goes into making that drink and if you are not satisfied you can add or take away ingredients to make that […]

Wolfgang Puck Food Processor

A Wolfgang Puck food processor is an elegant and practical touch for almost any kitchen. There are several different models available, each of which offers its own unique qualities to the model owner. The Wolfgang Puck food processor comes in various sizes, colors, and designs to accommodate a wide range of interests, tastes, needs, and […]

Waring Professional Bar Blenders Range – WPB

The Waring Professional Bar Blenders now offer more than just a striking build and design. Waring have now incorporated a powerful commercially rated 500 watt motor into both of its new WBP professional blenders. Please be aware that at the time of this update there are still quite a few of the old 350 watt […]

Waring Pro Blender – Food and Beverage Range For Home

The Waring Pro Blender range consists of both the MBB and the PBB Professional Bar Blender Models, these are the commercial grade Food and Beverage Blenders for home use. Rating:     Price Range: $99 – $149     Commercial Grade & Stunning Stylish Waterfall Base and Large 40-oz. Cloverleaf Jug Commercially rated 550 watt heavy duty […]

The Waring Immersion Blender

Sometimes a company will produce a product that everyone who uses it likes and Waring seem to have done that with the Waring immersion blender. Waring hand blenders come complete with different settings and continuous On feature. Never again will the potatoes or cake batter be full of lumps even after blending. Rating: Price Range: […]

Waring Food Processor

  Nowadays there are so many Waring food processors available it can become confusing to know which is the right one for you. However one thing that sets the Waring processors out from all others is a quality and well built kitchen appliance that really is a miracle mixer. Great features are abound on the […]

Waring Commercial Blender Range

The Waring Commercial Blender on the whole seems to be a high-quality blender with many advantages. If you are looking for the perfect blender the waring commercial blender range is one of the most powerful on the market at the moment and built by the creator of the first blender. Waring Commercial Blenders are tough, […]

Waring Blender Range – Still A Firm Favorite

The Waring blender has been with us for over 70 years and is still a favorite among consumers whether professional or not. With the Food and Beverage Blender they have designed an appliance that is perfect for most kitchen duties and looks fantastic in all of the many colors available. Waring Pro Blender PBB/MBB Food […]

The Vita Mix Blender – Pro Power At Home

The Vita Mix blender is an excellent choice for any type of kitchen. In our opinion it’s one of the most complete blenders around and will do pretty much anything you ask of it!   Blends and cooks your soup in less than 5 minutes. Makes instant healthy ice cream and sorbets. Breaks down whole […]

The Viking Stand Mixer

The Vikings have a reputation for being one of the greatest warriors in history so much so that anything associated with them are also perceived to have great qualities. It is safe to assume then that the Viking stand mixers were designed and manufactured with great qualities in terms of beauty, functionality and durability in […]

The Viking Food Processor

With time at a premium in most peoples lives having a quality food processor like the Viking food processor could be a god send and a quick and easy way to make wholesome, fresh and appetizing meals for you, your family and friends. You strive to have the best and that includes kitchen utensils. Maybe […]

The Viking Blender

The Viking blender is a powerful processor that will handle almost anything in mere moments. Its equipped with a high-torque motor that is designed for the frequent use a commercial setting demands from a blender. This unit also features an electronic sensor that will maintain continuous and smooth speed so that your smoothies achieve the […]

Healthy Vegetable Smoothie Recipe

Natural veggie juice is one of the healthiest beverages you can possibly make. It’s crammed with nutritional vitamins and is excellent for detoxing the body leaving you feeling on top of the world! Making vegetable smoothie recipe using your kitchen blender is usually cheaper, too, and better for the environment since you use your own […]

Used Vitamix Blenders Are Widely Available

Blendtec and Vitamix are the High-performance Rolls Royce of blenders with a price point to prove it! These blenders are the best you can find on the market and you haven’t made a true smoothie until you’ve used a Blendtec or Vitamix. But for most people these blenders that cost over $400 new are way […]

Try A Sweet Tropical Smoothie Recipes

Chrystal clear waters and a gentle breeze that ruffles the coconut palms comes to mind… Yes, a sweet tropical smoothie recipe actually takes you there for a minute or two, and that’s great in my book! Summer just wouldn’t be the same without the sweet taste of tropical fruits. You can create simple, tasty cocounut, […]

The Tribest Blender

The small and compact Tribest blender is perfect for anyone who wants to make simple recipes without all the fuss and high tech gadgetry that comes with some blenders. The Tribest personal blender is an all in one single serving blender which will make short work of the tasks you give it to do. From […]

Easy Strawberry Smoothie Recipes

Strawberry smoothie recipes are very popular these days. They are best made from fresh strawberries, but can also be mixed from frozen, making this a smoothie available all year long! Several of our smoothie recipes call for frozen yogurt. There are some wonderful and tasty low fat varieties around that work incredibly well in a […]