SmartPower Cuisinart Duet Blender/Food Processor

Rating: 4 stars Price Range: $99 – 129

Price wise the Cuisinart duet blender/food processor and the upgraded Deluxe model both work out cheaper to buy when compared to a food processor and blender. The SmartPower blender does a couple of jobs well, enabling you to have less kitchen appliances in your home but continue to get the very same chores done.

Cuisinart Smart Power Deluxe Blender

Cuisinart Smart Power Deluxe Blender

Together with a fashionable design and a plethora of functions including the capacity to blend, mix, chop or puree foodstuffs, this unit will become an important assistant in your cooking area, and yes it’s a visually great looking machine too.

It’s true that this blender is crammed with great functions, but the main draw is that it’s a two for one appliance. It’s not just a blender it’s a food processor as well!

Cuisinart Duet Blender Features and Advantages

Cuisinart Smart Power Deluxe Blender

Cuisinart Smart Power Deluxe Blender

A robust 500 watt motor complements this unit that will chop, shred, blend, mix up and liquidize just about any sort of food items effortlessly. This results in you obtaining the optimal consistency for all foodstuffs that you work with.

If you would like even more power you can upgrade to the latest model, the 600-watt Cuisinart SmartPower Deluxe.

Each of the easily removed parts are dish-washer safe. And the touch pad buttons and blender body may be easily wiped over, keeping the unit sparkling clean and set for the next use.

The main advantages to owning a multi-purpose kitchen appliance is that you can eliminate your aged blender and your processor then substitute them with this single appliance. A blender/food processor will be able to cater for your entire mixing requirements.


This blender is noisy under heavy use.

Several of the plastic material parts on the unit are prone to wear; therefore they may break up if placed under regular heavy use on difficult materials, such as ice. If parts on your machine do break, replacements are not too difficult to find, so you’ll have the option to fix your blender without needing to purchase a whole new model.

If you are not cautious about the volume of foodstuff you put in the machine, it can annoyingly get packed between the cutting blades, forcing you to stop the blend and clear the blockage.


The Cuisinart SmartPower duet blender/food processor appears to be a good option in utilizing a single machine to complete the job of two in the kitchen area, however you will find disadvantages and imperfections within this design and make.

Vulnerable plastic-type components tend to be susceptible to cracking during heavy use, and the Five hundred watt motor unit can be regarded as noisy by some.

Having said that, equally as many points are excellent with this duet blender, for instance the capacity to make wonderful smoothies and ice creams, the ability to produce a rich and creamy a pot of soup, or to chop, slice and liquidize healthy veggies, all from one machine.

A trendy style enhances this unit wonderfully and yes it will look terrific in your kitchen.

When room or space is short in the kitchen then this particular blender will also do the job well, since it can fit neatly beneath the cupboards in your cooking space.

As far as price goes, this machine is almost certainly less expensive to acquire compared to the cost of a processor and a blender, so it’s worth a look if you are just starting out, or your kitchen is simply in need of both.

Overall it could make sense to pass on this and upgrade to the newer 600-watt
Cuisinart SmartPower Deluxe Blender and Food Processor, enhancements have been made and you will have more power.

Where To Buy A Cuisinart Smart Power Deluxe Blender

Est. $99 – $129 / Check The Price at Amazon

Cuisinart Smart Power Deluxe Blender

Cuisinart Smart Power Deluxe Blender

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