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In order to speed up your research we also have an overview of the best food blenders on the market today within several different categories.

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Reviews On The Most Popular Food Blender Brands

Blendtec Vita Mix Ninja Kitchenaid
Oster Waring Margaritaville Cuisinart
Breville Hamilton Beach Montel HealthMaster Other Reviews

Other Blender Brands

This section is home to food blender reviews for all the other manufacturers. You might not have come across some of these, but they could actually be massive elsewhere in the world.

If you are looking for the better know labels such as Vitamix, Blentec, Ninja, Oster ,KitchenAid etc.. You will find them above or within their individual sections on our navigation menu.

Back to Basics Blender SolutionBack to Basics Blenders

The Back to Basics food blenders are a solid choice. Depending on your blending needs, either the Blender Express or Blender Solution models could be right for you…

Continue reading the “Back to Basics Blender Review”

Black and Decker Blenders

Black and Decker Crush Master Blender

The Black and Decker food blender range is another alternative to the more expensive ones on the market today. The Crush Master and Cyclone models are fairly cheap to purchase and usually very powerful…Continue reading the “Black and Decker Blender Review”

Bosch Blenders

Bosch blender
One of these Bosch blenders could be a nice addition to the kitchen if one is in need of a blender that is sleek with a choice of colors… Continue reading the “Bosch Blender Review”

Braun Blenders

Braun Hand Blender
Braun is a well known brand name with many products that are known for their quality. The Braun blender holds up to this great name and doesn’t disappoint… Continue reading the “Braun Blender Review”

Delonghi Blender

Delonghi Blender
The Delonghi blender brand is synonymous in the kitchen and around the home with some great products. But how does the Delonghi Blender Range shape up in the current market?… Continue reading the “Delonghi Blender Review”

Kalorik Blender

Kalorik blender
The Kalorik blender brand have been building quality products in Europe since the 1930’s. With excellent styles and designs the Kalorik blender wont look out of place no matter what kitchen you have… Continue reading the “Kalorik Blender Review”

Krups Blender

Krups Blender
The Krups food blender comes in a variety of different models, including the counter top and stick blenders. They are feature rich with digital displays, progressive speed control and heat resistant jugs to name a few of them… Continue reading the “Krupsk Blender Review”

Magic Bullet Blender

Magic Bullet Blender
If you need a strong little kitchen blender, the Magic Bullet blender brand is quite possibly the solution for you. This blender was created to revolutionize kitchen blending… Continue reading the “Magic Bullet Blender Review”

Rival Blender

Rival Blender
The Rival blender is priced low, meaning just about everyone can afford one and start to enjoy the delicious smoothies, shakes, soups and other drinks like protein drinks easily made with these blenders… Continue reading the “Rival Blender Review”

Rocket Blender

Rocket Blender
If you are looking for a blender which will do pretty much what the more expensive blender models do then the Bella Cucina Rocket Blender is definitely one to look at… Continue reading the “Rocket Blender Review”

Tribest Blender

Tribest Blender
The Tribest blender is an all in one single serving blender which will make short work of the tasks you give it to do… Continue reading the “Tribest Blender Review”

Viking Blender

Viking Blender
Our general impression on the Viking Blender Review was that this is a high-quality unit that delivers on its promises, especially for those who use a blender frequently… Continue reading the “Viking Blender Review”

Vortex Manual Blender

Vortex Blender
The GSI Vortex Blender provides a unique solution for those who enjoy traveling and is a good reminder of how much we rely on electricity!… Continue reading the “Vortex Manual Blender Review”

OXO Good Grips Pastry Blender

Pastry Blender
There are many different things that a pastry blender can do. It really is an indispensible tool for those who spend a lot of time working in the kitchen, they give you a lot of diversity wrapped up in a small package that doesn’t cost very much at all…. Continue reading the “Pastry Blender Review”

Food Blender Brands

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